La Dalle, Voyages à Choisy-le-Roi

After having furrowed the world and brought back beautiful and strong images at the same time, Pierre de Vallombreuse settles in the heart of France, more precisely in Choisy-le-Roi, where he gives us to see a closer humanity, those of our cities, our suburbs. Pierre de Vallombreuse surveyed the slab of Choisy-le-Roi, meeting the neighborhood and its inhabitants. With talent, poetry and emotions, his panoramic photographs evoke solitude, abandonment, dilapidation, but also life, hope. Through the particular case of the Dalle (a neighborhood in the midst of rehabilitation), the book wishes to open more broadly about the suburbs, the universal aspect of these zones of social mix and the importance of the human heritage. 


Éditions de la Martinière


Published on 18/03/2010
80 pages
26cm x 20cm