Une Vallée

In 1988, Pierre de Vallombreuse entered for the first time on the lands of this Valley, on the south of the island of Palawan, home to the Tau'Batu, or men of the rocks. Fascinated by this peaceful Native community of hunter-gatherers, Pierre de Vallombreuse has for more than thirty years multiplied the stays in the Valley and became a privileged witness of the evolution of this people and its environment progressively impacted by the progress. Through a photographic work as sensitive and poetic as ethnographic, the photographer presents the daily life of this people of the Valley in the middle of an idyllic nature, gradually upset by modernity and external influences.
The (M) editions
Limited edition of 205 signed copies.
The book is accompanied by an 8-page booklet containing a Palawan poem in French and Palawano.
Pala'wan lyrics, selection and translation: Nicole Revel
Design: Les Graphiquants

66 pages + booklet of 8 pages
24 x 32 cm

Published in 2018


Watch Marie Sepchat, editeur of The(M) éditions, presenting the book at Télé Matin, France2.